Shockwatch & Tiltwatch Labels

At Portland Packaging Co. we can work with your business to ensure your product and packaging is protected with Shockwatch and Tiltwatch labels.  Call us today to find out more.


ShockWatch Labels

ShockWatch labels have built in impact indicators that are very tiny but prevent damage done to cargo by turning RED when something impacts your packaging. This prevents mishandling of your cargo and reduces damage to the product which can save your business money and time along with making the recipient happy as they get an undamaged product. ShockWatch labels cannot be tampered with and comes with mechanically-activated devices that turn bright red when someone or something impacts your cargo.

ShockWatch – TiltWatch Label

The TiltWatch label is a great option for any shipping items that need to remain upright at all times. The tip indicator label is used on cargo to monitor goods to alert the shipper or recipient when the item doesn’t remain upright. When the TiltWatch label is applied to the packaging, it will provide evidence of the mishandling of your cargo if the shipment is tipped in any way. On the flip side, the tilt indicator will remain unaffected by any movement during the shipping process that doesn’t result in the cargo tipping – normal movement will not affect the TiltWatch label.

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